Tunes from the 24 hour Game Jam

I finally caught one of the 24 hour game jams that I’ve heard about.  You know, the ones where you seal a bunch of programmers and students into a room until daybreak where they hopefully emerge with something ‘playable’.  Well, I actually wrote new music for 2 of these ‘something playables’ and it was really fun!  The first track (above) was for a game where the entire point was to be a pigeon and crap on poorly drawn people (and babies).  They never told me what the game was about until I saw the final product, they just requested looping ‘Skyrim epic music’.  I actually hadn’t played Skyrim so I guessed what that would sound like after watching a youtube clip, I think I nailed it.

The other team didn’t know what they wanted, it was a game about running around a school collecting notes before class.  I went with something nostalgic, something Koji Kondo-esque.  The wife was trying to talk me out of doing the game jam at this point so I managed to buy time by having her play the piano line with me…giving it kinda an extra child-like sense of rhythm (as piano is not her forte, I love you anyways hun).

Deadlines are something amazing, we all dread them–but they sometimes really bring out the best in you.  I would have never quoted someone 24 hours to make these tracks, but somehow it only took about 4 (had to see the wife!).  So, never doubt what good a deadline can bring!