I’m back!

Hey there everyone, sorry I was on hiatus for a couple months–things got really busy with school, remixing an old album, AND a couple short films I was working post production on at the same time so I dropped a few things, such as this blogfolio and shockingly video games, for a little while. Well now I’m back to all my old vices and figured I’d revive this little spot. The link up at the top is from a video game project that I’m composing for right now!

I’ve also started a whole new portfolio over here:
From now on that’s going to be my official portfolio so I’m using this space more like a traditional blog. It has some new work from me and I welcome everyone to check it out!

Another reason for me to revive this spot is because I need to do some blogging for my university’s Music History 2 course so I’m going to host some thoughts about albums here (don’t mind the references tab either it’ll just be up for the class).



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