Covering The Beatles: A Day in the Life

I’m currently working on a cover of A Day in the Life with my friend Adiambo. So I’ve been spending my time arranging strings for the first verse this morning, this takes it up to the big crescendo. I still need to tweak some of my string samples to sound more realistic but I’ve been focusing more on the notes than the sounds at this point. I owe a lot to the Beatles for captivating me with their music when I wasn’t even as focused on music as I am now. They are like the Plato and Aristotle of rock and roll, I wonder if the breadth and impact of their work has yet to be matched in modern music. Not to mention the message of love that pervades their music, where did that message ever go?


Short Soundtracks: The Facade

Here’s what I’ve been up to this morning:

A new project with Terrell Grice! I made my very first short soundtrack at Full Sail with him so it’s really cool to get the callback. I’ve been focusing on strings a lot recently in my music and mixing techniques so hopefully I’ll get to continue building my arranging muscle with this short. Right now I’m in the process of making little 1 minute ‘demo’ tracks like this to see their impact on the mood of the film and what not. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go neo-classical for a while now anyways.

Short Soundtracks: The Hearkening

Here’s another project that I wrote the soundtrack for: The Hearkening.  It was for my friend, Jordan Entz’s, directing class; he asked me to make an original soundtrack for him so he could use it in his portfolio as a DP.  It was a fun project, I got to focus on sounds that I don’t usually get to, I had a lot of fun playing the ‘entire band’ for the rock intro.  Anyways, enjoy!

The Hearkening from Jordan Entz on Vimeo.