Shorts: The Divine Ponytail

While I didn’t do the sound or music for this short, I thought I’d go ahead and share it.  Last weekend, I got to exercise my kung-fu muscle with my buddy John Hammond for an entry in a Red vs. Blue (Roosterteeth) shorts competition.  I love martial arts so I couldn’t resist.  Anyways, I’ll have more music up soon 🙂


Sound Design: Robo Kitty

So I’ve been wonderfully busy with my new cat, Guin!  Clara and I rescued her from the shelter at the beginning of the month and have had a great time bonding with our feline friend; well, apart from Guin sitting on my piano when I’m trying to play Chopin.  Anyways, with such a noisy little critter around the house it was only a matter of time before I tried recording her to add to my sound library.  I took the liberties of transforming her purrs and coos into a giant mecha-kitty ready to purge Tokyo in b-movie flair.  What else is a sound designer going to do with a pet?

Short Soundtracks: Serial Buddies

Here’s my most recent short I have had the pleasure of working on.  This one came to me via my friend and colleague Alexander Verbitsky.  We worked on the soundtrack and foley design together, it was pretty great fun.  We created the sound effects using knives, wine glasses, leftovers, a violin and a whole lot of digital manipulation of said items.  The soundtrack was very collaborative as well, of course there is a little excerpt from Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.1 in there performed by yours truly as well.

My first IMDb credit

So I got my very first IMDb credit for John Hammon’s 8bit Hero.  In other news, 8bit Hero actually placed 2nd at the Enzian Theatre’s December film slam in December.  So congrats to John and everyone else involved in the short!

I’m on the tail end of two new shorts that will probably debut this week or next week so hopefully I’ll have some exciting stuff to show soon.

Anyways, I always try to upload some sort of soundbyte for you guys so here’s a track I’ve been composing recently.  Just me relaxing to my piano.