Merry Christmas!

Well it’s that time of the year!  No, I don’t really do Christmas music, but here’s a little improvisation for the holiday.  Hopefully it puts you in the same zen mood I was in when I made it.  Have a happy holiday everyone!


Daydream: lounging at home

I’ve been sleepy all day!  It must be the weather, or just time to take it easy.  This seems to be reflecting itself in my playing: as this is all I could muster recording today!  Lackadaisical and meandering, something I made to pass time and play with some new effects to make things sound ‘grainy’.  Relax!


Here’s something I’ve been working on recently with some of my new Floridian friends: I call it Lost.  It’s my first real experience working on beats for hip-hop, Adiambo, his roomate Kev, and I have all been working on this.  Some new layers have shown up and lyrics have been laid down since I bounced this rough sample, but I really love the feel of it.  The piano line that is at the core of was recorded when they just hit the record button while I was improvising.  It was set to record just over a single verse so it kept looping over itself and I kept hearing myself and unintentionally layering new piano on top.  The end result actually sounded quite good, so we kept it and worked from there.  I really felt ‘Lost’ when I kept hearing the piano I just played a while ago resurface, like encountering the same place over and over again, that’s how I decided to name the beat.