Nocturne #1

I’m back to the writing music for shorts this week, this time for a short about a musician that’s looses his hearing–how depressing!  Anyways, I literally whipped this up about 20 minutes ago, ‘writing’ it by recording it…not something I typically do.  This is a basic ‘sketch’ or outline of what I want to be the ending music, the target time was suppose to be 40 seconds (!) so I’ve either got some work to do or I might just end up writing a new piece and expanding on this one for other purposes (which I’ll probably do regardless).  I wrote this around midnight, so I was in a very mellow mood.  I wanted it to reflect hope finally overtaking the obvious despair that would beset any musician that lost their hearing.   I really want to add some eerie strings in the background and make it closer to 3 minutes (not for the film, just for me :p), so if I get around to that while I’m on Thanksgiving vacation I’ll be sure to post an update.


And yeah, it’s a little rough, especially the dynamics (for a nocturne)…Maybe because the musician playing it is suppose to be deaf–I was just in character…


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