Meeting the greats

This week has been a blast for me, I got to personally speak with some very big names in the sound industry at Full Sail’s Hall of Fame festivities this week.  I met Gary Rizzo, sound mixer for Christopher Nolan movies such as Inception and Dark Knight, and heard a panel on how he got into the industry.  I even got to hold his Oscar! (he assured me the curse isn’t real, he held one before winning one himself)  I also got to shake hands with Leslie Brathwaite (mix engineer for a huge list of Hip Hop’s finest) and Bruce Swedien (who mixed Thriller amongst other things).  I always appreciate how down to earth truly successful artists can be; all of those guys were very humble and seemed happy to be able to talk to crowds of people that wanted to be just like them.  Very cool week indeed.  I think the highlight of it was Bruce Swedien though, he’s such a great old man.  He would interrupt the panel from time to time to caution us about listening too loudly or reminisce about the opera growing up and the entire room would just fall silent.  Then he’d finish, but remain poised like he was still speaking and there would be the strangest respectful silence in the room.  Then at the very end of the panel he said, “you guys are in the right place, now don’t f*** up”.  The whole room laughed for a long time.

In other news, I’ve started working on a new album.  I haven’t recorded much of anything yet, (I’m still a pencil and paper sort of guy) but hopefully I’ll have some demos coming out pretty soon to post up here.  I want it to be another Hot Cognition album, but this time more acoustically focused and accessible.  The musical ideas I’m focusing on are layers and harmony, the instrumentation in my mind is quite different from the Merchants & Liars album (very acoustic focused) and also the mood is more positive–albeit sometimes mysterious.  The Tree of Life Suite I posted a while back is a pretty good idea of what I’m thinking about.  I hope to be able to share some of it soon!


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