C Party and other news

Here’s a track I used in Terrel Grice’s UpShot as a very low background track for a party (the ‘C’ stands for classy).  I recorded it partly as a ‘keyboard test’ when I was hooking up my various different keys into my audio interface.  After everything was set up, I ended up liking it too much to just throw it away: so I used it in the short.  So, it’s a fairly rough take of just me messing around on different keyboards to a pretty simple loop, but I think it added a classier atmosphere to the scene.  It’s very chaotic and improvised, I figured it would be mixed in with loud background chatter.

In other news I’ve been earning another job title as Set Musician with the excellent musician Adiambo Riley and a few projects of his.  Hopefully, when his album drops I’ll be able to post a few previews of some tracks I helped out on.  It’s very cool stuff, stay tuned!


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