Tree of Life Suite (rough)

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on recently to just get some musical fresh air.  It’s one of the main themes I was planning on using for a concept album one of these days called Tree of Life.  The theme is based around this mental image of mine centered in a forest.  Within the forest lies the great tree of life (or really rather the tree of knowledge, but that just doesn’t have such a nice ring to it).  Anyways, the entire forest burns to ash.  I remember my parents taking me to Yellowstone Park when I was a kid and I saw the entire section of forest that had been completely burnt.  They said that the park just let it burn because that was the natural thing.  The entire forest was grey and barren, but there were pictures of areas where life was starting to slowly creep back and begin the process all anew.  I guess that is what it is like with generations, worldview, and outlook on the world.  There is a great forest of knowledge that grows every generation surrounding a core ‘tree of life’.  When a new life born it can either live as one of the trees or by struck by the lightning of new ideology in which case part, or all, of the forest of knowledge will be reduced to ash.  But even though the forest appears to be gone, it’s remnants still exist in the life of the new forest, the whole thing begins again.

Well, that was what was going on in my mind as I was writing, hope you like this rough mix!


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