Hot Cognition: Grow Your Peace

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ol’ prog band recently, so I decided to post another little tid-bit about one of our tracks.  This one is “Grow Your Peace” one of the tracks off of Merchants & Liars I wrote the music and lyrics to.  The very first, and the most central, thing I remember about writing this song is playing the piano in the practice basement at Hendrix College’s Trieschman Hall.  The piano line was based around this ‘hill’ shaped motif that changed ‘hands’ (or which part) played it.  You can hear it in the interchange between the piano and guitar: they alternate which one is playing it, and which one is playing a 3 note broken chord over it.  The next thing I added to the song was the bass line that comes in at the very end (originally throughout the whole song) which polymeters with the other instruments (you can hear it play 4 notes per measure against the feel of 6).

The lyrics actually just developed from that; They just came to me as I thought about the shape of the notes on staff paper.

The rest of it is my usual embellishments, contrary motion, counter-point, modal stuffs yada yada yada

Anyways, big kudos to Jack Bruno for singing that incredible vocal that none of us in the band stand a chance of hitting.  Random note: the strings on the last note are actually playing the first notes of the next track–Merchants & Liars


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