Song for Feet

I normally don’t share works in progress, but then again I guess I haven’t normally been a blogger.  So, in the spirit of the online documentation of ones everyday (or hopefully not so everyday) existence here’s what I’m currently up to:

(Please note that this is just the virtual instrument version, which I use for the sake of editing timings and arrangements when I actually get to see footage.  I know fake guitar sounds fake ;p)

It’s for the current Full Sail DIY club project slated for October.  It’s a touching story about a pair of feet, journeying through life and all it’s treacheries situated 1′ off the ground or less.  In other words: a short film about the life, death, and passing down of shoes told from low camera angles, sound, and music.  After hearing the pitch meeting I went home and picked up my guitar and tried to think of a song that could be easily molded to fit a wide variety of situations while still conveying some form of existential hope.  The following chord progression that serves as the foundation of the song just sprang out (albeit it is quite basic).

They wanted the movie to be told without dialogue whatsoever, so I felt that I would need some wind instruments to ‘talk’ for the film.  I’ve always loved the combination of flute and oboe (plus my wife plays both of them) so I thought this was as good of a time as any to give my first crack at a guitar, flute, and oboe trio.  I’m also planning on adding some accent instruments like brass or xylophone when I actually get to see the scenes that the song goes to.  The idea was to make a strong template that can be easily adjusted to a specific scene in the film to cater specifically towards the scene.  I think that the guitar chords can be tweaked (and obviously the winds too) pretty easily to tap a wide range of emotion.  I’ll be sure to post the final product when it is arranged!


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