Shorts Soundtracks: upShot

This was the first soundtrack I composed for the Do It Yourself Film Club at Full Sail University.  The short is called upShot: directed by Terell Grice.  It’s a neat little club for getting your feet wet with a few shorts made at a frantic pace (3 shorts were put out in the month I worked on this).  I took a jazzier approach to the sound design, and played all of the instruments myself (even the fun Rhodes lovin’ music).  The short sort of takes place in a mental ‘time loop’ of sorts, so I made repetition of events share musical threads (the piano bass line, the electric dance beat).  Fun side note, my wife and I are sitting on the couch in the party scene and I get to voice the protagonist’s lackadaisical boss.  I had not learned the wonders of MIDI for arranging for film yet, so this soundtrack was very improvisational and raw (well, jazz raw) at times–as I was just recording audio while watching the short.


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